More photos from our Wonderful Weekend to Waitomo

En route to Waitomo a couple of weekends ago, we were treated to hundreds and hundreds of these gorgeous pink blossom trees - it was a feast for the eyes! 

I think these might be my absolute favourite trees of all time.

I took these photos from the window of our car while driving along those country roads:

And after a couple of hours in the car, we arrived in the village of Waitomo and went straight to check in at our accommodation.

We stayed at Woodlyn Park, conveniently situated only a short walk to 'town'.

Woodlyn Park is the most interesting motel I've ever stayed at on all of my travels. It consists of an old plane, boat and train that are used as accommodation, and there is also a hobbit house for those who want to have a true 'New Zealand movie' experience.

We stayed in the boat:

Please note: If you're after upmarket and smart, this isn't the place for you. This accommodation is definitely rustic and quirky. It is kept in the best shape possible, to be fair, and is great fun for a couple of nights. The beds are comfortable, there are heaters and the water is hot - definitely adequate. Our cabin included two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/lounge/dining room with a balcony. And the best part? I now get to say that I've slept in a land boat!

These blossom trees were everywhere:

Our boys spent an afternoon roaming the hills surrounding the motel, following the resident sheep around. There were also a few very large, very chatty turkeys out in those fields.

Nickie and I also took a little walk around the motel property:

Spring is a great time to be out in the New Zealand countryside because there are lots and lots of the cutest lambs out there:

Here's the Hobbit habitat:

An 'artsy' shot of our cabin porthole:

And a troll bridge, perhaps? I spotted this on our walk around the motel property:

And here are a few last close-ups of the boat:

And a snippet of the plane:

Eating out options: We enjoyed dinner at Huhu Cafe on Saturday night and I would highly recommend going there for dinner should you find yourself in Waitomo - the food is good. Be sure to make a booking, though - as Huhu is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

And that's it on our weekend in Waitomo.


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