September Little Things

 September was a busy month filled with lots of little things (and a few more exciting activities too).

Dog walks: Bailey swims year-round because we live so close to the beach and that's our favourite place to walk - so come rain or shine she's in that water. Crazy Loon. I shared this photo on my Instagram back in September because it made me laugh so hard. Just look at this funny action shot - and those ears! My baby. I love her.

We really are lucky to live in this beautiful corner of the world.

Whatever the season, this little pocket of the world shines.

I popped into Luke's art class one day in September - you can read about that over here.

I love Spring (despite it being a very wet season here in Auckland) because these blossoms are everywhere.

We celebrated Father's Day last month (how cute are these cupcakes - and they're truly delicious too):

We also had a quick sprinkling of hail one day back in September (what the):

And then did an ice-cream run on another afternoon (when the weather was slightly better):

Sarah's friend, Nicole, works at our local Ben and Jerry's so we went to say hi (we love that cute girl):

We do lots of beach walks - and we've got to enjoy being able to walk Bailey any time of the day at the moment because the time restrictions for walking dogs on the beach will kick in soon. Boo. (Summer restrictions mean that dogs have to be off the beach by 10am and can come back on at around 5pm - roughly.)

Spring in September (I can't pass one of these trees without taking a photo, it would seem).

We did a weekend in Waitomo back in September - more on that over here.

We drove back from that weekend, via Raglan, a cute little town known for its good surf:

Luke participated in the Dragon's Den competition at his school during the third term. This programme involves the kids getting into groups, coming up with a novel business idea and plan, which they then thoroughly research, after which these potential entrepreneurs get to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges in order to entice them to invest in their business (or in this case, win the competition). They look at product development, finances and branding and advertising. Luke's group got to the finals which were held in their school hall last month and I was so nervous for my kid! But his group did so well and had such a clever idea - and later that day they found out that they had won the competition which was super exciting! I'm very proud of Luke for all of his hard work and the way in which he managed to stand up in front of so many people and present his part of their business plan. This programme was such a practical and beneficial exercise for these boys and such a great learning opportunity for life. I'm so grateful that he got to experience this.

 There have been some beautiful sunrises here in the bays lately - just look at these gorgeous colours!

Also in September, Luke's school had their swimming sports one afternoon at their pool. Luke swam in as many races as he could and it was great fun watching him compete. (Luke is in the green cap.)

One evening in September there was a Street Food Festival in a neighbouring suburb so we headed off there for dinner. The queues were loooong, but it was fun to get out during the week (and not have to cook dinner) - to enjoy our local community, with live music and some interesting food.

And that was September. 

Are you guys enjoying the last few months of this year? Making plans for the end of the year? I'm starting to see mentions of the countdown to Christmas (and a few Christmas items in the shops) and I'm holding off as best I can at the moment. Before too long we'll be in the thick of exams and the busy fourth term of school before the end of year celebrations kick in. Unbelievable how quickly this year has gone. Enjoy the calm before the storm. xx

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