Our Trip to San Francisco was the Best!

Where has the time gone? It's been over a month since we got back from San Francisco! And I've been meaning to get on here and document our trip, but... Oops! I'm totally blaming this crazy time of year. And fatigue. And work.

Getting back from this trip threw me somehow - I had to play catch-up at work, get back into the home routine (Luke's exams, and Sarah's revision for exams), and I still haven't got back into my gym routine, sadly. But it was all worth it. I'm certainly not complaining.

So anyway, earlier in the year, when Grant organised work meetings in SF, we thought this trip could be a great opportunity to have some time away, just the two of us - before those meetings kicked off - so that's exactly what we did. And boy, was that a brilliant idea! We had a great time together and it was a real treat to enjoy that awesome city as a couple.

(Thanks so much to my mom and Geoff for moving in and looking after our kids and Bailey while we were away! Don't know what we would do without them.)

So, back to our trip: We got there on a Wednesday and after check-in, we headed straight onto the streets of SF - enjoying the amazing weather, having lunch at a recommended spot, and hitting the shops. And that evening we went to one of Grant's favourite restaurants in San Francisco - and it was just as good as we remembered it. (I will be doing a post about the amazing restaurants we went to on this trip so I won't elaborate on this place now.)

We also saw the crazy queue outside the Museum of Ice Cream - which made me very excited for our time at The Color Factory the next day! (That experience also deserves its own post. More on that soon.) 

I adore the buildings and murals in this vibrant city.

And look at the trees on this rooftop:

How cute is that?

And there's something very quaint about a city with a tram system. 

Next post coming shortly...

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