The Color Factory

I got tickets to The Color Factory after waking up super early one morning and waiting in an online queue! And I can't begin to tell you how incredibly chuffed I was to score those highly sought after tickets! Especially seeing as they only release a certain number of tickets for a couple of months each time and when they open ticket sales, they are sold out in minutes, and that's it. So I did a (quiet) little happy dance when I got those little gold nuggets and I couldn't quite believe my luck that the timing of our trip coincided perfectly with the release of that set of tickets. Yeeha!!! (Can you tell how excited I was?)

Anyway, I found out about this place because I follow a blog written by the woman who opened this amazing colour experience (which is housed in a building in San Francisco). So when we organised my trip to SF, I knew that getting tickets to go there was at the top of my list of things to do. So, yeah, The Color Factory!

How awesome is their building?

And in case you haven't heard of this place and don't know anything about it - The Color Factory is essentially a pop-up 'interactive exhibition that celebrates colour, featuring work by various artists and collaborators' in the heart of San Francisco.

Showtime! And in we go...

Grant, bless his heart, was very tolerant of my excitement, and very obliging when it came to taking all the hundreds of photos that I wanted to take in that place! (Actually, I think he quite enjoyed the whole experience too.)

Such a happy place...

Also, that place is Instagram Heaven!

Iconic pose (hahaha):

Every room has a different colour theme and many of the rooms were interactive, some even having cameras which took your photo and emailed them directly to you.

We spent a well over an hour in that magical place, tapping into our 'inner child' - haha!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a few of these photos already - I even uploaded a couple of Boomerangs!

Yeah, I don't know what was happening over here, just roll with it...

See what I mean when I say Grant was such an obliging photographer in that place? Okay, he was probably ecstatic that he didn't have to pose for too many photos, tbh, but anyway. Happy days.

Okay, I got a shot of him in the selfie room:

And here's a room that I could have spent hours in. I could definitely have had a nap in those balls - it was that relaxing. Check out my Instagram for a funny shot of me in that ball pond.

You can see the ceiling camera in this photo below:

I have no idea who this guy is (see above). Just noticed him now... 

'Photobooth' fun shot:

I was so sad to walk away from that place after our time there...

Seriously. If you get a chance to visit The Color Factory - do it. They have just opened up tickets for January and February 2018.

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