5 Fantastic Restaurants in San Francisco

Before too much more time goes by, I want to document the rest of our trip to San Francisco back in October 2017. First up - the restaurant recommendation post that I mentioned I'd do. So here it is - 5 fantastic restaurants in San Francisco.

These are restaurants that we went to and thoroughly enjoyed, in no particular order:

1. Sotto Mare in Little Italy

We discovered this amazing restaurant on our previous trip to San Francisco, loved it so much back then that we (specifically Grant) had to go back this time around. And I have to admit, it was as good as before, and it still has a great atmosphere and the 'best damn crab cioppino'!

And the decor in that place is next level authentic. 

Just look at this happy chappy:

This one, not so much:

And these three were such good sports to pose for my photo:

You'll remember this food forever, it's that good. Seriously, if you find yourself in San Francisco, go! You won't be disappointed. That crab cioppino is excellent. And the scallop and prawn dish had us mopping up the sauce at the end of it. Even the carrots and courgettes were heavenly. No jokes.

2. Next up, Rich Table

Wow, I think this restaurant was my best on this trip. After looking at the menu, I was totally undecided as to what to choose, however, our helpful waitress proceeded to recommend some real winners to us. So much so, that after eating two of the dishes she recommended, we ordered them again - they were that good. 

I still dream about this food. Mmmmmm.

Okay, so one of her recommendations was the sardine chip. It doesn't sound very appetising, I will admit. However, when they arrived we were blown away by their uniqueness. And then we bit into them. And, oh, my gawd! You guys! You've got to eat one (preferably more) of these in your lifetime. No lie. Put it on your bucket list. You'll thank me later, I promise. Crazy good.

And then there were these little beauties. Dried porcini doughnuts, no less. With a raclette (cheese) dipping sauce. These look a little arbitrary but don't be fooled. That's another taste you'll probably never forget. I can still taste them now.

The burrata:

Not photographed, but equally sublime, the tonnarelli - read the description on the menu. That dish was so good that after we finished it, we ordered another one. That good.

We need to get back to this restaurant to try all the other dishes on the menu too.

3. Zuni Cafe

This place is easy on the eye, lots of windows, a great bar area, open plan upstairs downstairs areas - very hip and happening. And the signature dish is a whole roast chicken for two, with a bread salad that includes currants, pine nuts and greens. I kid you not. Just that. And I've got to say, yum. Tasty, succulent chicken. We ordered a side of shoestring fries too.

The simple meals, done well, are sometimes the best. I'd recommend ordering your chicken when you call to make your reservation - just to be sure to get it. It's that popular.

And those fries were pretty good too.

4. Ryoko's Japanese Restaurant and Bar

I mean, what's a restaurant recommendation list without a sushi spot?

One night, feeling pretty tired, but too hungry to miss a meal, we googled the best sushi restaurants within walking distance of our hotel and came up with Ryoko's. Its description was vibey (loud music playing in the basement restaurant), but most importantly, it had consistently good food ratings. And boy, were they right.

A bouncer (security guy) greets you at the door and you're ushered down a flight of stairs to be welcomed (very loudly) by a group of friendly chefs behind the bar counter. Well, hello! What a welcome!

And then, after settling into our booth, we ordered some very interesting sounding sushi. And some of the most beautiful sushi came out to our table that night. Just a word of warning - when they say spicy, they mean spicy. Whoa. Grant absolutely loved it!

It being Halloween around the time of our visit to SF, we encountered a guy dressed up as Nemo - right there at Ryoko's. Super crazy. And a fun night out, despite our exhaustion.

5. And lastly - The Slanted Door

A big Vietnamese restaurant at the Ferry Building, with some equally big flavours.

I can't remember exactly what we had that night - we opted for a set menu, but I recall some tasty spring rolls and the shaking beef was particularly delicious.

And the end of the evening was highlighted by the arrival of the candyfloss dessert and the churros with a chocolate sauce. Smiles all around. (We were joined by Grant's work colleagues that night.)

And that ends my restaurant recommendation for San Francisco. I'm literally salivating now.

Obviously, there are hundreds of brilliant restaurants in that awesome city and the next time we go we want to try some of the others - so please leave any of your recommendations in the comments below. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting places to experience.


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    1. Wow, thanks so much. I appreciate your kind words and the fact that you wrote in. :)

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