Happy 2018!

Well, would you look at that - it's the 5th of January 2018 already! "Happy Happy" to you!  I thought it was about time that I dusted off my keyboard after a lovely Christmas holiday and make contact with all of my lovely readers. Hope you've had a fabulous rest over the break.

So... goodbye, 2017! You were (mostly) fun.

Here are my #2017bestnine from over on my Instagram account. I love doing these #bestnine recaps every year on Instagram as it's truly heartwarming to be reminded of a few of the many good memories I made over the year.

And we enjoyed so many good times in 2017.

But there were also some sad moments last year. Heartbreaking events. Both out in the world and closer by. I was acutely reminded just how precious life is and that we should hug and enjoy every moment with our loved ones because sometimes life can suck.

Wishing you all much strength in the year ahead. And much happiness.

M A Y   Y O U R   2 0 1 8   B E   A  G O O D   O N E

I also hope it'll be fulfilling and that you're grabbing this new slate and running with it!

I certainly have. I've already written down a few thoughts, not resolutions, just thoughts - to clarify my many ideas and plans for the upcoming year because my mind has been racing recently as I try to organise myself and get ready for a year of doing, being, exploring and discovering. 

And I'm (mostly) ready - so, 2018, here we go!

Love to you all.


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