October 2017 Little Things

Hi guys. Looking back at my October 2017 photos it dawned on me that we spent much of that month eating out! Food, food, glorious food! It's a no-brainer that breaking bread with your special people is one of the easiest ways to facilitate a get-together, I guess.

So back in October last year, my dear friend Silvia (we met at uni a lifetime ago) came over to Auckland for a visit (she also has a sister who lives here) and we got together for lunch and a bit of a catch-up. I didn't get a photo of the two of us, but I did snap a picture of my delicious lunch that day. Duh. I think I need to prioritise better in future.

Sidenote: But this sushi was truly sensational. So beautiful and definitely photo-worthy - I couldn't help but take a photo of it. Want to try it? Then head on over to &Sushi - you'll be wowed by the beauty of this food.

We went to the one in Auckland City and I snapped this photo on our way back to our car after lunch. Auckland has some very pretty buildings and churches.

Other October news: Sarah got her hair done.

Also, Jess and I had a lunch date at the waterfront.

We headed down to Dr Rudi's Rooftop Brewing Co. where we enjoyed a bunch of starters while looking out at the yachts and catching up on life. (At this stage Jess was at Uni Halls and living away from home so it was good to be able to chat about what had been happening in her life in more detail than just quick chats on the phone.)

And then I also had a lunch date with Sarah one day in October. This time at one of her favourite places called Fact Tree. Lunch dates are always a good idea and a wonderful chance to connect and get to listen to what is going on in each child's life.

I never did get around to doing a post about Jessica's time at her Auckland University Residence, but suffice to say she spent a very happy second semester at O'Rorke Hall in the City, where she met some very lovely friends and had endless fun (as is the norm for Uni students the world over, I guess). She's back at home now and we'll see how the commuting to the city campus goes this year.

Bailey still enjoys her beach walks:

And then one weekend we had a big family lunch out at the Puhoi Cheese Factory with our family, my mom, Geoff, Colleen, Sam and Evie. Such a yummy lunch and lovely to get up north again after a long time.

Yes, I definitely ate out quite a bit in October last year!

We also spoilt ourselves one night and had dinner at Orphans Kitchen in Grey Lynn with our friends Durk and Helen. Wow, was that a good meal. Very tasty. But I must add that I didn't think it warranted the price tag, to be honest.

Cute decor, though.

After our meal there, we headed off to the Vodka Room, a short walk away and had a quick nightcap before heading home.

That place has some awesome decor too. I was reminded that night that Auckland has some seriously fun places to enjoy an evening out. 

I love a good neon light:

October sure was a month of good eating. And Auckland, you sure have some seriously good restaurants and bars!

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