Our Trip to San Francisco: Part Two

Whoa! I posted Part One of my San Francisco series so long ago now that I think you probably need a recap of what went down back then. (See that post over here.) I also wrote a post about our visit to The Color Factory back here. (I loved that place!)

Okay, so besides visiting The Color Factory, we also did a touristy trip with Hornblower Classic Cable Cars that started down in Fisherman's Wharf, and made its way through Little Italy, Chinatown... 

... past City Hall (where we stopped to have a look around).

We then went on to see the Painted Ladies which was a huge highlight for me. I didn't get to see these beauties on our previous trip to San Francisco, so this was something I was dying to see this time around. To be clear, I'm not a huge Full House fan, I simply love the contrast between these old homes and the more contemporary cityscape in the background. And we were so lucky to experience this view on a sunny day.

An iconic residential area, the residents of these homes often keep their blinds closed, away from the prying eyes of the many interested tourists. Some bold and pesky tourists even make their way up the steps of these homes to get the perfect photo!

There were so many houses decorated for Halloween around there - this one was particularly well done.

Then it was down through the Haight Ashbury area...

... where we drove past the house Jimi Hendrix lived in back in the day:

In the neighbourhood of love:

Our tour also included a drive across Golden Gate bridge...

... before passing through the Presidio suburb, seeing this cemetery...

... and making our way along Billionaire's Row where we saw the house that the movie, Mrs Doubtfire was filmed in (see below).

Then we made our way back to Fisherman's Wharf to end our journey.

We so enjoyed our cable car tour that day - it certainly gave us a concise overview of the city and a few of its neighbourhoods - and a bit of its interesting history. There are so many interesting places to see and lovely vistas to enjoy up and down the streets of this gorgeous city, and we were very fortunate to enjoy such beautiful weather for the first four days of our time there.

So beautiful.

But wait! There's more!

I've got so many more photos from our time in SF, that I think I'll have to do another post - so get ready - Part Three coming soon.

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