Cape Town: December 2017 Part 1

I've been looking forward to documenting our fun holiday in Cape Town ever since we got back, but I guess I was just too busy enjoying my relaxing summer holiday at home afterwards, that computer time didn't appeal much back then. I hope you all had a fantastic break over the summer holidays. It's such a special time to get to recharge and relax.

We hadn't been back to South Africa for six years when we set off on our holiday back in December - 6 years - a pretty long stretch. So I was very excited about getting to see all of our family and friends again after such a long time. The kids, especially, would have changed so much in those 6 years (and they had)! It was truly amazing to see how all of them had grown up in those years.

And we were off/Airport shenanigans:
(catching some sushi (and Maccas) before flying out)

They don't look especially happy that I was taking their photos, do they? Grumpy bunch. Hahahaha! Probably not looking forward to the long flights to SA... ;)

Anyway, after three flights (and an eternity) we got to Cape Town, caught up with some family at the airport, headed to our Airbnb in Bantry Bay and fell into bed. 

And the next day, after a slow morning (yay for the holidays), we headed to Grant's brother's birthday party and slotted right back into family and friends BBQs again. Crazy, that. And awesome. It's funny how those little, everyday events seem to be what you miss most when you're apart. It was great fun to catch up with the people we knew there, relax and settle into a familiar suburban family life, just like it had been when we lived there before. And after a lovely afternoon of lots of eating (including some vetkoek and a pumpkin pie to die for), we headed back to Bantry Bay via Signal Hill, with very full tummies.

Sunset on Signal Hill:
(one of the things I wanted to experience again while we were there - funny the places you think about and miss)

There are some truly spectacular views from up there:

Back in Auckland, when we thought about Cape Town, we would also remember (and miss) the beautiful Clifton beaches and all the memories we'd made there, so we made sure to carve out a good few days to head off there bright and early in the morning, and enjoy that special holiday feeling - the hot sun, the freezing water, with the backdrop of that majestic mountain. Those were some special days. We love those beaches so much. (I even swam once! And that's quite something because that water is just as freezing as I remember it!)

And boy did we eat well when we were in Cape Town. The food there is so incredibly good. (And very reasonably priced for us thanks to the exchange rate.) Also? Those yellow cling peaches? So sweet and tasty.

Speaking of food, we also rushed back to Willoughby's (a sushi restaurant in the Waterfront) on our second day back in the country because we'd been dreaming about that sushi for years as well! Especially those salmon roses:

Those little gems are my favourite! I ordered them pretty much everywhere we went because we don't get them here in Auckland, sadly. Not sure why.

Summer holiday fun with two of my other favourite little gems:
(only looking slightly grumpy here)

Staying in Bantry Bay was perfect as it's a beautiful neighbourhood and also a short walk from the Sea Point Main Road and a very cute delicatessen called Kleinsky's. Their great coffee and yummy smashed avo bagels meant that we found ourselves down there a couple of times during our week on that side of the mountain. 

And one morning we met my youngest sister for a walk along the Sea Point Promenade. It was incredibly special to catch up with her again after so many years.

Also, there's something just a little magical about living underneath a big rock like this:

Besides the mountain, the beaches and the delicious food, the main reason we visited Cape Town was to see our family and friends. I set up a busy schedule and tried hard to see as many loved ones as we could over the full and hectic festive season. One of my favourite things to see was how all the kids reconnected after such a long separation.

I wasn't always good at remembering to take photographs because often I was so caught up in the moment and simply enjoying every minute with the people that we were with, that it frequently slipped my mind to document our reunions.

I did get this cute photo (above) of Jessica and Georgina who have been friends since they were babies, though. Beyond cute. And so special to have all those baby, toddler and kid memories of these kids now that they're adults. I hope they remain friends in the years to come and make even more memories over time.

Table Mountain is always on our list when we're in Cape Town (we went up the cable car on our last trip back too). That place is magnificent! And we chose a brilliantly sunny day to enjoy that special icon.

Okay, I probably should have had a separate blog post for our time on Table Mountain...

I couldn't stop taking photos that day, obviously. ;)

Signing off now (well done for making it this far), I'll be back with the next instalment soon.

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