Cape Town: December 2017 Part 3

So when I first starting thinking about our trip to Cape Town, I knew that I had to be super organised about getting to see everyone because that time of year can be quite busy - people go away on holiday or are incredibly hectic with all the goings-on in December, so while we did manage to organise many get-togethers and got to see lots of family and friends (and it was so heartwarming to spend time with everyone again), we sadly didn't get to see everyone we wanted to see (next time?). One thing we've realised over the years is just how important our relationships with family and friends in Cape Town are and those relationships are definitely what we miss the most. Immigration isn't easy from that point of view.

But of course, this was also our annual family holiday, so we made a point of carving out some family time to relax on the beach and see some of the tourist sights too! (Cape Town is, after all, a beautiful city and we miss so many parts of it!) So I've already written about our visits to Signal Hill, Clifton, Camps Bay, the Waterfront, Sea Point, Constantia, Table Mountain, Witsand, Newlands, Grand Africa and Zeitz MOCAA - see Part One here and Part Two here - and now for the rest...

Grant and I got to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a dinner in Camps Bay one evening:

... made complete with a very romantic walk on the beach at sunset...

And we also spent a morning with our dear friends, Warrick and Kathy (and their kids) at Kirstenbosch. I chose that venue because it was our old stomping ground when our kids were little, and there is now a new(ish) feature (called the Boomslang) in that beautiful Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden which we hadn't seen yet and I was dying to experience.

And even though that new elevated walkway was very cool, spending time with our sweet friends was even cooler. I wish we'd had longer together. I miss our Friday afternoon teas with the kids, the dinner parties and the camping trips. Those were some fun times we had back then.

Dinner with the cousins one night:

More cousin time:

Lunch with the cousins:

Another beach day:

This was me when I thought about having to leave this beautiful beach and all my special people again...

And another cool experience that I had been wanting to soak up again on that trip. Such a cool area. We stopped there on the way back from the beach one day. Good old Bo Kaap:

Not only are the buildings in this neighbourhood very colourful, but we overheard some seriously colourful language while walking around the place that day. Hah! ;)

Cape Town, you are ├╝ber-cool.

And then one last family get-together before we headed home to Auckland:

We went out to visit my aunt and uncle and my cousin and her family, one day. This reunion was extra special because I got to meet my cousin's two baby girls for the first time that day. And what little angels they are! (Sadly my aunt isn't in this photo because she was taking it.)

And then, two days later, we were off:

Leaving this beautiful country was sad, but we left with our hearts and minds full of fun memories and experiences.

Until next time, Cape Town. You were fun. Really hoping you get your much-needed rain soon!


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