December 2017 Little Things

We had some wonderfully warm, sunny weather at the beginning of December last year.

Back in December, we also had an awesome full moon:

(And as usual, I was out there taking 3000 photos of that beauty, only to be rewarded presented with these shots. One day I'll learn how to take a good night shot. Obviously not this day. But hopefully soon. In the meantime, here is the best I can offer.)

We've definitely experienced some awe-inspiring full moons lately - no doubt about that *making mental note to delete 2 million blurry moon photos on phone*, and when it occurs it's documented repeatedly, ALL over social media. So when I read this on Twitter after that beautiful moon, I had a good laugh:

(I've found myself spending more time on Twitter lately, after a long break, and I know it's a big time waster, but I find myself so fascinated by all the American news at the moment that I can't seem to look away. Anybody else over on Twitter lately?)

We went out for dinner with my sweet friend, Linda and her husband back in December, before we both jetted off on holiday. That girl is so special. And she made me laugh when she hauled out her Elf on the Shelf for this photo that night!

Luke's last day of Prep School (junior and middle):

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And I'll leave you with this December deliciousness before waving goodbye to December 2017 and all of 2017, in fact:

Goodbye, 2017. *waving*

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