February 2018 Little Things

February marked the start of the 2018 school year and saw Sarah starting her last year of school (!!) and Luke starting high school... and boarding school! These were all huge events, but the one that would have the biggest impact was that our 'baby' was going off to boarding school and wouldn't be part of our family life during the week anymore. He seemed very excited to get there on that first day (after being a little apprehensive initially) and took the whole experience in his stride. Turns out Grant and I took it harder than he did on the day that we dropped him off and drove away.

Needless to say, we so look forward to our weekends now as we miss this kid desperately during the week. He seems to have settled in nicely at the boarding school and is enjoying high school so far. There has been a lot of information for him to take in and new routines to learn, and he has certainly been overwhelmed at times, but for the most part, he is enjoying his new set-up.

Back in February Grant and I went to a Robbie Williams concert with a few friends and had a fantastic night out in the city. That guy is a great entertainer!

I also attended a Garden Party at Luke's school in February:

That new school of his has some beautiful buildings:

But it was not all fun and games in February. Jessica broke her foot last month and ended up staying in the hospital for a night while they assessed whether she would need an operation. (Luckily she didn't.)

It was quite a significant (spiral) break, poor kid and such bad timing what with Uni starting the week after it happened. Getting to lectures has been quite a challenge as her campus is quite hilly and the bus drops her at the bottom of quite a steep hill. She joked one day that she was seriously considering changing courses as the Business building was so far away from her bus stop! Hah!

And then a couple of weeks ago Grant and I headed off to another music concert with some friends, this time to see The National playing at Villa Maria wine estate:

It was a beautiful, balmy evening and we sat on the lawn sipping delicious Villa Maria wine, nibbling on our packed picnic snacks while listening to the mellow sounds of The National. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening, I'd say.

And that was our February. Over and out. xx

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