January 2018 Little Things

Much of January was spent relaxing next to the pool and enjoying long, lazy days without too many plans. To me, that is absolute bliss. And I love our neighbourhood, especially during Summer when everyone is out walking, coming to the beach and picnicking in the park.

We also celebrated Grant's birthday with a family lunch and had the usual discussion about blowing out the candles without spitting on the cake. ;) Oh boy, that discussion seems to come up at every birthday now. Hahaha.

My mom kindly made this delicious cake for Grant. Thanks, Mom! 

I love Summer, and pool parties. And the kids loved their long school holidays and getting to catch up with their friends in January, after having been away in Cape Town for most of December. 

Jess spent some time in Sydney with a few friends back in January, and seemed to have a great time over there.

After that, she came home for a day and a half, did some laundry and then flew out to Fiji with 3 girlfriends for a week of island fun. Quite the little jet-setter, that daughter of ours.

Great for her to have so much fun before Uni started again.

Meanwhile, we got ready for our trip over to Melbourne for the Australian Open - more on that in my next post.

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