Melbourne: The Australian Tennis Open 2018

One of the highlights of our year is going to the Australian Open in January. We've been going for about five years now and every year is as good as the previous one. The tennis is superb and the whole vibe around Melbourne during that time is fantastic. 

Melbourne city is one of my favourites. This was the view from our hotel balcony:

Cities with trams always have a certain charm, I think.

And Melbourne is also great when it comes to arts and culture. I try to go to a museum or art show every time we're there, but sadly I didn't get to see anything special this time. I did admire the amazing graffiti that can be seen around the city though and saw these talented street artists performing on the street one day.

These guys were phenomenal.

Sarah was holding the fort while we were away and sent me these messages one day. (Read from the bottom, up.) I had a good giggle at these. Going away definitely highlights just how much parents do for their kids, doesn't it? So not a bad thing to get them to appreciate us more, I think.

This year they were selling delicious doughnuts at the stadium and I was all over that stand in a flash. #doughnutsmakemehappy


Seriously yum.

The night games have such a great vibe:

We had breakfast at Brunetti again this trip - but this time at their new location which is quite flash and modern. Great site. And great coffee.

We took a walk around all the courts at the Stadium and came across some fun installations and some super-talented youngsters who were playing on the outer courts. There is so much talent out there.

I love this event and that we get to eat out at some of the many fabulous restaurants in Melbourne - that city has some amazing restaurants. I also cherish getting to see our Melbourne friends when we're there. I love those people. This trip is definitely a huge treat and a firm favourite on our calendar. 

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