3 of the Best Things to See and Do in Nara, Japan

Nara is a quick 40-minute train ride from Kyoto so we decided to nip down there one day, to check out the deer that make Nara famous. I would definitely recommend doing a trip to this cute town - even our half-day trip was worth it. Seeing all those deer was incredible.

We were only there for a few hours, but here's what I'd recommend doing when you're there:

1. Walk around the parks where the deer hang out

You will also see temples and shrines in this town, but we went down primarily to see the deer, as our temple and shrine fatigue had pretty much kicked in by then. Walking around parks never seemed to get old, though. The gardens and parks are magnificent all over Japan.

2. Feed the deer - it's pretty wild

You can buy deer cookies to feed the deer - and they seem to really love those cookies! That's all you're allowed to feed them, but I'm not sure they should be eating quite so many of them as their fur doesn't look very healthy, poor things.

This video makes me laugh every time I watch it! The deer actually bow their heads to thank you for the cookies. (Or is it to ask for the cookies? I'm not sure, but it's cute whatever the reason. And super funny!)

See what I mean about their fur? Doesn't look all that healthy...

And hey, these sweet-faced deer may look pretty docile and tame, but let me tell you - they are pretty scary. (See the first photo of this post - that cutie had just jumped up at me!) Also, if they think you're taking too long to feed them a cookie or withholding said treat - they'll bite you! I kid you not. I got a bite soon after we walked into the first park and I was very wary of those creatures after that!

There are so many deer in Nara! You'll be amazed. They're everywhere! It's quite extraordinary to see.

3. Get a matcha ice-cream while you're there

I got a vanilla/matcha mix and it was delicious. And that cute deer cookie? It made my day!

Nara, you are cute.

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