March 2018 Little Things

February/March was a horrid time for our extended family as regards health and well-being. Not only did Jess end up in the hospital with a broken foot, but my niece, Evie, spent an entire month in hospital from February into March - with pneumonia. That poor little poppet was extremely ill, but ever so brave throughout her whole ordeal. She had to endure having a chest drain inserted (and removed), CT scans and endless examinations - and she handled it all so unbelievably well - she's such a little angel, that kid.

That hospital stint ended up being longer than they had anticipated and she then spent her birthday there too:

Photo by Colleen

(I'm happy to report that she's much better now and pretty much back to her old self again. Pneumonia is no walk in the park, I tell you. Poor kid.)

Back in March, my mom and I went through to the city for lunch and a wander around.

It's always fun to spend time in the city and I'm so pleased we did because we came across quite a few of these amazing owls that day:

They're part of a project called The Big Hoot which is on in Auckland at the moment - the above were three of 47 giant owls designed by Kiwi and international artists, and can be seen all around Auckland until May when they'll be auctioned off to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation.

Such a great idea and so much fun to have these beauties dotted around our city.

We wandered around the Britomart area after eating a delicious risotto lunch and then headed back home on the bus. (I love our public transport system.)

Then on another evening, Grant and I headed off to White and Wong's for dinner with some friends who live in the UK. Great seeing them again. (I took this photo, below, outside the restaurant that evening.)

We also went to Luke's first Parent/Teacher Conference at his new school and were very impressed with the set-up. Luke is settling in nicely and is kept very busy every day - during the school day, and before and after school at his boarding school. The boarders run two or three times a week (in the mornings) which means Luke is getting very fit again! He's also loving his rowing. 

March is also birthday month and we celebrated my mom's birthday at a lovely restaurant in the city - sadly I didn't get any photos from that night out. :( And then Geoff's birthday was celebrated with a delicious dinner at their home and I did remember to take a photo that night:

And when Evie got out of the hospital, Colleen and Sam could then reschedule her birthday party and we got to celebrate her third birthday again with a cute party at their new home.

Sarah's school premier water polo team also played in the North Islands Tournament at the end of March and did incredibly well - winning the Bronze medal.

Sarah had an awesome game, scoring 2 goals - the final score was 3-1. Such an exciting (nail-biting) game! All the girls played incredibly well, defending so well and never giving up. This team has such grit, talent and determination. They are such a pleasure to watch and I'm so enjoying watching Sarah's last school water polo games. I can't believe this is her last year of school polo!

And then it was the Easter long weekend. More on that coming up.

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