April 2018 Little Things

April was a great month.

It started off with cute biscuits. And chocolates. And I even made bunny ears out of napkins for our Easter brunch! (Yes, it's true - I've officially become a crazy person!)

Now that my own kids are too old to hunt for Easter eggs, I'm so grateful to have my little niece around because she still lives for finding those Easter eggs. And it's so adorable to watch. But I've got to say - while my kids might have moved on in the egg-hunting department, Luke actually quite enjoyed his new role as chief Easter egg hider for Evie, which is how these events evolve for kids as they get older, I guess.

Anyway, it was a good Easter spent with family and friends and all that lovely chocolate! And a truly fabulous way to start the month.

And let's not forget, Easter is a great time for Snapchat filters! Hahaha!

And then, a couple of days after the Easter weekend, Grant and I left for Japan - see those posts over hereherehere and here. We loved our time there and I still can't stop thinking about that awesome trip.

We got back after 9 days to a busy, fun-filled weekend - celebrating a friend's 50th and going to some other friends for a soup evening, and the next week involved getting ready to head down to Wellington for Sarah's last senior school girls' water polo Nationals tournament.

These trips down to Wellington every year are loads of fun - Sarah and her team always do well and lots of parents go down to support them over the four days.

My friend (a fellow supporter) and I took advantage of the beautiful weather in Wellington and went out for lunch and walks in between games.

We had some delicious meals down there...

And then, halfway through the tournament, I flew back to Auckland for a Killers concert! Crazy, I know! But when the tournament's new dates came out and we realised that we had a Killers concert booked in Auckland right in the middle of the tournament, Grant managed to buy very discounted tickets down to Wellington so I was able to go down for the first two days of the tournament, fly back to Auckland for the Killers concert and then fly back down to Wellington to catch the last two days. So much flying, but thank goodness for those cheap flights because it meant that I could watch the whole of Sarah's last school tournament.

And it was worth it in the end because The Killers are AMAZING! And it was a brilliant show!

Then it was back on the plane in the morning...

Flying into Wellington
Here are some of the team's supporters out for dinner one night (Go, the parents!):

Just before the Bronze play-off began

Getting ready to start
And this amazing team did incredibly well again this year, but sadly they missed out on the bronze medal - in a penalty shoot-out! It was devastating, especially as they'd beaten that team in the North Islands tournament a few weeks earlier. 

We were just so happy to see Sarah back in the pool again this year, injury-free and having fun with her team at her last School Girls' Nationals.

Then it was back to Auckland for the rest of the school holidays - Sarah had U18 trials for her water polo club (and she was chuffed to make the A team again), our family went to see Avengers: Infinity Wars in 3D one night (such fun) and we went away to the Coromandel for the last weekend of April (but more on that in my next post).

April 2018, over and out. 

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