Friday Five

It's the end of the week! What are you getting up to this weekend? Anything fun? We've got a few things planned - spending time with our boarding school boy, some jet skiing if the weather is good, going to friends for dinner, and I'll be catching up with my ironing. (And I'm looking forward to everything except that dreaded ironing.)

Anyway, I saw a few interesting articles recently that I wanted to share with you (weekend reading, perhaps):

1. Fun fashion - super cool street style. I wish I was this cool.

2. "Chick Flick" romcoms don't get a fair deal when it comes to ratings. What do you think of this?

3. Do you take selfies? See my selfie above - cringe. But should I, though? I love a good laugh so I enjoy those Snapchat filters and hey, that's what I look like, wrinkles and all - deal with it (you and me both). ;)

4. Have you watched Avengers - Infinity War? If you did - what did you think? (I loved it!)

5. Have you heard? Busy Philipps is getting her own late-night talk show.

Okay, I hope you all have a fun weekend!

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