Friday Five

I love Fridays! And now that I'm working again, I'm extra excited when the weekend rolls in. 😝  So, have you got anything fun planned for this weekend? We're going out for dinner and a party with friends, and doing a few chores around the house. Sarah has two water polo training sessions this weekend and Luke will be home tonight so that we can take him to have his cast re-done tomorrow morning. Yes, CAST! Our little rugby player broke his arm in the second game of the season last Saturday, poor kid!

But before I go off to fetch him from school, I wanted to share these links with you:

1. Email responses and what they really mean. I laughed out loud at quite a few of these.

2. Are you Team Yanny or Team Laurel? I'd love to find out what you hear when listening to this recording. Let me know in the comments below.

3. Another reason to love Benedict Cumberbatch.

4. Check out these long weekend getaway places to visit in New Zealand.

5. Ways you can bond with your teenager. Having three teens, Number 9 certainly resonated with me (it's an ongoing battle in our home).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS My mom gave me those pretty tulips for Mother's Day - thanks again, mom!

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