Friday Five

How is it the end of May already? I'm mildly flabbergasted. But also, I'm rather happy that it's the weekend again because, as weekends go, this is going to be a pretty exciting one. I'm going to watch Luke perform in his school production of Big House Music tonight, and the rest of the weekend we will be celebrating Jessica's 20th birthday. 20! My first-born will no longer be a teenager. All quite crazy, really. Again, mildly flabbergasted.

What have you got planned for the weekend?

Before I leave for Luke's show, I wanted to share my Friday Five links with you:

1. Are you worried about your privacy? Should you be?

2. This is another reason I'm moving this destination higher up my travel bucket list.

3. Looking for some new ideas for quick lunches? (For work or any other time, really.)

4. Eagle vs Fox - check out this amazing footage.

5. Did you watch the royal wedding? We were out that night, so I didn't watch it from beginning to end, but the snippets I saw afterwards were amazing. And don't you love the official royal wedding photos?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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