When you find yourself in the countryside. Yes please!

After getting Luke's new cast fitted, we headed up north to Mahurangi, to drop him off with his rugby teammates who were playing a game up there on Saturday. And after watching the first half (featuring Luke as the waterboy), we decided that seeing as though we were already up north, we should probably have a little meander around Matakana village and possibly a walk on Omaha Beach too. I mean, why not? It was only a short drive to get there and Luke was going back to boarding school with his team afterwards, anyway.

Omaha Beach

Visiting Matakana is always a good idea as this quaint little village is home to so many adorable shops and art galleries. We drove in just as the famous Matakana Farmers' Market was wrapping up for the day, so we rambled into the village and, after scrutinizing a few restaurant's menu lists, were tempted by the Tramcar Diner's simple, yet delicious-looking offerings. Grant ordered the chowder and I opted for the prawn and ginger dumplings.

(Grant has yet to learn that in order to avoid having his photo taken by me all the time, he has to be the one taking some good photos!) #longsuffering #haha

And after resisting the urge to purchase a piece of artwork, we drove on, for a walk on the expansive Omaha beach.

I must say - this totally spontaneous little road trip that we tacked onto dropping Luke off at rugby, turned out to be a very lovely jaunt in the pretty countryside north of Auckland. Autumn in the countryside is quite literally a breath of fresh air!


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