14 Reasons Why I Love And Adore This Birthday Boy

We celebrated Luke's birthday this past weekend and it was extra-special having him home from boarding school so that we could spend lots of time with him and shower him with love on his special day (and the other days too - we miss him so much when he's away at school during the week).

I saw the idea of a doing a birthday post listing the reasons you love a person, on a blog that I follow, and I loved it so much that I had to include it in this post today. So, diving right in...

Here are 14 reasons why I love this boy of ours so much:

1. Being the third kid in our family can sometimes be tough because there is always a lot going on and having two older sisters is not easy for this boy, but he kind of just gets on with things in a quiet, unassuming way, most of the time. And I love that about him.

2. He's definitely no walk-over, though. He knows how to stick up for himself and make sure his needs are met. And I also admire that strength in him.

3. He gives the greatest hugs. And he gives them often. 

4. He is caring and always asks how my day has been. His ability to think of others is an endearing trait.

5. His confidence impresses me. He doesn't shy away from answering teachers' questions and getting involved at school which is fantastic. He also finds it easy to talk to older kids. 

6. He loves playing Fortnite with his friends and even though I have to compete with this addictive game (for his precious time), I love that he has a passion for tech, YouTube and the business side of this crazy tech world. 

7. He has a wicked sense of humour and the cutest laugh.

8. I enjoy seeing how much he loves getting attention from his sisters. When they spend time with him and help him out, he positively glows with happiness.

9. Watching this guy play sport is always fun. He has given us much enjoyment over the years with gymnastics, trampolining, athletics, football and now rugby. And I'm looking forward to watching him do rowing again at the end of this year. 

10. Watching his growing relationship with his dad has been awesome to witness too - they are enjoying each other's company more and more every year, bonding over all things DC and Marvel, and forming a close connection.

11. I also love to see how this boy is learning which personal traits are important - both to have and to look for in friends. He often makes comments about things that happened at school and our talks give me great insight into how his mind is working and why he views certain behaviours and actions as kind or unacceptable. He is beginning to solidify and display some great values and attitudes and is developing into a great human being.

12. He is an awesome dancer.

13. He is super competitive and while he is still learning to accept defeat in some instances and he might hang back at other times, his drive to win is strong and I hope that doesn't get minimised, but honed in a positive way, hand in hand with honesty, sportsmanship and a sense of humour. He's coming along very nicely so far.

14. And lastly, I admire the resilience and strength he has shown going to a new school and boarding school this year. That's been a biggie and he's handled it well.

I adore this loving guy with his good heart and I hope he never stops holding my hand, hugging me and telling me that he loves me. How lucky I am to be his mother.

I love you to the moon and back x1,000,000, Luke.

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