A Day in the Life: Sarah's Last School Ball - All the photos!

It's taken me quite a while to finish this Ball post as there were hundreds of photos to go through on my phone! (I kid you not.) And for some insane reason, I take absolute ages deciding between two photos that look pretty much identical at first sight. {WTH! I don't know why I do this to myself.} Anyway, suffice to say - this is a photo-heavy post because this was Sarah's last school ball, so I went a little crazy. Here goes...

So, as anyone with a daughter in senior school probably knows, getting ready for a school ball takes a fair bit of time and effort. And the day of Sarah's Ball was no exception - it was a long and jam-packed one! She did a touch-up spray tan first thing in the morning (after a water polo training session on Friday night caused her togs to make a mark on her back from her previous spray tan) and then I took her to have her nails and eyebrows done (!!! I posted a video of her having her eyebrows threaded, over on my Instagram stories) before heading off to the hairdresser ('before' photo below).

And after that morning of wall-to-wall activities, it was time for make-up:

(Where we got to meet this cute Labrador. See that little head in the photo above.)

Then it was time to drive home to get dressed.

But not before a little car photo shoot along the way:

Next up: Family photo session...


And then I took the bulk of the hundreds of the photos that I was talking about earlier:




And as the light was dimming, the time came to head off to the Pre-Ball that Sarah was invited to, which was held at the home of one of her primary school friends.

I got a few photos with a couple of Sarah's primary school mates (sadly not all of them, though). But it was so lovely to see all these kids (some of whom we've known since they were 9 years old) looking so grown up and gorgeous that night.

And then it was time to board the bus that took them to their last school ball - where they took many more photos, danced and enjoyed the rest of the night with their friends.

There were a bunch of Auckland water polo players at the ball that night, so they got a few group photos with most of them in it which was so awesome:

And of course, Sarah's School Premier Water Polo girls team also got a few photos together. Sarah has been playing water polo with some of these girls for 7 years!

Sarah and Max coming down the escalator at the Ball venue:

It was a long, crazy day and night and Sarah had a great time for the most part. The two of us certainly had lots of fun together during her day of preparation and I'll always remember those happy times.

It seems a little unbelievable that Sarah is now done with school balls, though. This kid of mine is growing up so quickly. 

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