Here are the photos from Grant's 50th Birthday Party

Back in 2016! Yes! It's a throwback post! One of the last few that I've got to go. And I reckon it's probably a good time to get this particular post up because it's birthday season around here at the moment and so why not? Nothing like a throwback post to confuse everyone. Hahahaha! Sorry.

So Grant decided to have a luncheon party at home, to celebrate his big milestone birthday - and we completely lucked out with the beautiful weather that day back in January 2016.

These balloons are all the rage, the world over, I reckon - and we've spent a good few dollars on these babies over recent years. But they're very impactful, and we love them.

One of Grant's good friends here in Auckland:

And my sister, Colleen. I love that we had so many helpers on the day. Thank you!

We kicked the afternoon off with some delicious starters:

And the main course was a pig on the spit - a real favourite of Grant's - which went down a treat that day.

Some of our guests came all the way from Australia to celebrate with us that day - and it was so special to have them here with us. (Particularly our darling friend, Dave. 💔 Looking back now, we are so grateful that we got to spend this time with him then.)

And after a fun day of eating and swimming, it was time for dessert and cake:

And that was the party - a super fun day - which only ended at around midnight that night!

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