May 2018 Little Things

I love doing these monthly Little Things posts because I enjoy looking back at what we've done every month, and documenting it here. And I hope you enjoy reading along. But I think I should illuminate a little something here in this post today: in addition to all of our day-to-day family happenings and fun outings each month, I also spend a considerable amount of my time watching Netflix and relaxing on my bed. You know, just to document that little fact here, and just in case you were thinking that I'm on the go morning, noon and night. Not that you were actually thinking that, of course, but in the unlikely event that you might have been, let it be known that I'm quite possibly part-sloth. ;D  Hahahaha! A part-sloth who enjoys documenting her life. And Netflix. And resting. Don't judge me.

So, Luke signed up for rugby as his winter sport this year (after initially choosing cycling which had me very excited). And he started off the season very nicely, getting into a team with a great bunch of boys and enjoying the training and the prospect of a fun season.

He was so keen, he even did some practising when he was at home on the weekends:

And then in the 2nd game of the season, this happened:

And just like that his rugby days for this term were over. And, if I'm being totally honest, a small part of me wasn't too upset about that. I mean, obviously I was sad about his broken arm and crushed for him, but at least he wouldn't get hurt again this term! Is that crazy and wrong of me?

I mean, he's my baby.

Reality setting in over here...
He was in this huge, heavy cast for a week, poor kid, having to endure the inconvenience of showering with a plastic bag over his cast, and living with some pain and pins and needles at times. But he handled everything in his stride most of the time and after that week we went back to the Accident and Emergency Centre to get him kitted out with a shorter, lighter, fibreglass cast which made him much happier.

Waiting for the first cast to be removed.
Just after the first cast was removed and before the second cast was fitted.
May was also Mother's Day month:

We celebrated the mothers in our family by going out for brunch at a place my sister had heard about and had wanted to try:

It was a fun morning out.

We also did a road trip to Matakana and Omaha back in May:

And instead of watching the Royal Wedding that day (our night) in May, we went out for a 70s evening of fun with some friends:

This band played awesome 70s music at a cosy venue in the city, and we had lots of fun and laughs that evening:

Luke had been rehearsing every day for a school event that was held at a big venue in the city one night at the end of May. Big House Music is an amazing evening and a highlight on the annual calendar for his school. We'd heard that it was so good, and it didn't disappoint. Grant was in Australia on business for two days so I took my mom with me that night. We were both very impressed with the musical talent and creative costumes on display at the show. And the house spirit was awesome to see. (I have some video footage in my Instagram highlights.) I love that Luke gets to experience this camaraderie and fun at school. He had an excellent time despite his house not doing very well in the competition.

And I thought I'd include a photo of Bailey this month. She's getting quite old now and in addition to becoming rather deaf recently, she's been suffering from an eye infection too. She still loves her walks, but the kids aren't too keen on walking her anymore because she's become rather stubborn and walking her requires bucket loads of patience (something the kids don't have bucket loads of, as it turns out). When she decides she doesn't want to turn around or go in a certain direction, she sits down, and no amount of cajoling will change her mind. Strong-willed, that dog. :) But still such a darling girl. 

And at the end of May, we celebrated Jessica's 20th Birthday with a family dinner out one night, and a party with her friends on another night. More on that in the link above.

Netflix Update: I started and finished The Crown, and Grant and I powered through Safe, The Good Doctor, The Alienist and the movie, Anon. Have you watched any of those? I would highly recommend all of them. We've also just started Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but the jury is still out on that one.

Have you watched anything worthwhile on Netflix lately? I always love recommendations, so please comment below to let me know.


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