The best way to remember what you did two years ago

So, yes, I've still got the last few throwback posts coming through on the blog - nine months worth - which sounds like quite a lot, but hey, who doesn't enjoy looking at old photographs? Certainly not me. #tbt #ftw  Also, we had some fun experiences during those months so it will be good to document it all.

I seriously love looking through these throwback photos because I get to reminisce and ooh and aah over how cute my kids were when they were younger. (And still are, of course.) Also, it's fun to see whether I still have the clothes I'm wearing back then!

So the best way to remember what you did two years ago in January? Take photos so that you can go through those photos on your phone! I mean, what would we do without these phones of ours? I can't tell you how glad I am that I have taken all of these iPhone photos over the years because otherwise, I would not remember what we did so long ago.

So, pro tip: keep taking photos! It's important, not only to remember but ultimately to be able to relive a good time. And just think: those hundreds of food shots might even be appreciated later in life. Hahahaha!

So anyway, we started off January 2016 with friends in Algies Bay and then on the 4th of January we headed up north to Russell in the Bay of Islands.

The weather wasn't particularly summery when we were there, unfortunately, which was a real shame. But we still got out and had a good little holiday.

Then we headed back down to Auckland to host Grant's 50th Birthday party. Read all about that in this post.

And our dear friend, Dave, arrived to celebrate with us:

More photos from that fun party over here.

We also went to the Auckland Tennis that year which is always a good time.

And then we flew to Melbourne for more tennis at the Australian Open:

And we got to see our Melbourne friends:

Then it was back to Auckland for the rest of the summer:

All-in-all that was a fun January!

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