An Afternoon of culture and eating in the City

When the school holidays arrive and you haven't planned a trip away, it's sometimes fun to be a tourist in your own hometown (hah), so Sarah and I decided to catch the bus over to the city one afternoon to do just that - wander around an exhibition and enjoy a meal.

(I took this photo from the upstairs front row of the double-decker bus that we were on - those are some fun seats and the views are awesome from up there!)

Anyway, I've been wanting to visit the Body Worlds: Vital exhibition since it opened in Auckland at the end of April - and I eventually got there!

And it was sensational!

Essentially, Body Worlds is the original exhibition of real human bodies that have been seen by 45 million visitors around the world.

And the Vital exhibition 'celebrates the potential of the human body and the body in motion'. This exhibition serves to educate people about human health, and also disease. It highlights how a healthy way of life can help us to avoid certain illnesses and diseases, and it also encourages visitors to take responsibility for their own health - using a voting exercise at the end of the exhibition to inspire visitors to choose how they are going to improve their health and well-being. I cast my vote in the 'sleep more' category!

I was particularly amazed by the nervous system on display. Wow! How amazing is that? Honestly, the human body is truly the most phenomenal entity.

An interesting fact I learnt was that the human skin weighs more than the skeleton.

I'd recommend spending the extra $5 to get the audio 'tour' because I picked up so many fascinating facts listening to that information.

I was totally amazed by this excellent exhibition - firstly because all of the anatomical specimens on display are real human bodies (donated to science), and secondly, the preservation process of plastination is extraordinary. If you haven't been, I'd definitely recommend a visit.

And after that absolutely phenomenal experience, Sarah and I went for a bite to eat at the Crab Shack:

And because I don't often see a lobster roll on many menus around town, I ordered that thing immediately. Sadly it wasn't the best one I've ever had, but those fries were rather delicious.

Have any of you been to the Body Worlds Vital exhibition? What did you think? 

It's still on until the 13th of July here in Auckland if you haven't been and still want to go.

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