June 2018 Little Things

June is birthday month in our family - and I kicked off the month with a great birthday again this year. Not a milestone birthday, but a good one, none-the-less. I pretty much spent my day eating with loved ones - at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was delicious!

I was spoilt with lovely presents this year - and one of the gifts was this box of chocolates that I love so much!

Sarah went out to a friend's party one night back in June. And I got to take some photos of her before she left:

And on another night, we went to a school premier girls water polo get together to farewell the Year 13 girls who are leaving the team this year. The girls had a fun evening, but it’s pretty sad that they’ve come to the end of their school water polo careers now. We'll miss all the girls, our coach and the parents - we had some fun times together over the years.

We had a little family get-together for Luke on his birthday this year. We had been planning a paintball party with his friends for that day, but then those plans got put on hold owing to that wretched broken arm, so it was a low-key birthday dinner on his special day, and the postponed party planned for a later date.

And yes, it wouldn't be a birthday without the big, special balloons, now would it? Read Luke's birthday post over here.

Luke had his cast removed on a cold day back in June. And boy, was that kid happy to get rid of that thing. He got a small splint to wear after that (to wear only when he was doing any physical activity), but that thing is now long-gone and life is back to normal again.

Sarah had her school ball in June. All about that awesome day back here.

So, have you guys tried reflexology? I gave it a go for the first time last month and it was pretty good. I thought I might struggle because I'm quite ticklish, but it was fine.

I also went to the city one day back in June - to attend a Facebook course for work. It was an incredibly informative session and I learnt a lot that day. This was the view from the building where the course was held:

And other than that, we snuggled under blankets, with the heaters on,  doing Uni work (Jess), doing school work (Sarah), studying (Luke), and doing chores & watching Netflix (Grant and I). 

Netflix update: We finished The Night Shift and started Orphan Black. What have you been watching lately?

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