July 2018 Little Things

July was another full month for us, and a particularly exciting one for Jessica who holidayed in Bali with a group of friends for about 10 days at the beginning of the month. They'd been planning this trip for quite a while and were very excited to be heading off for some fun in the sun during the holidays.

They hired a big villa and spent their days swimming, beaching and having a great time. Bali appears to be a popular destination at the moment, amongst people we know - I seem to be hearing about it more and more lately. It has never been high up on my list of places I'd like to visit, but judging by the beautiful photos I've seen from there recently, I'm thinking it might be somewhere I would like to holiday one day. Have you been?

Jess at the Ayana Resort and Spa

So beautiful!

And back here in Auckland, we were spending time at slightly different pools! No hanging around in infinity pools with the promise of a cocktail for us, sadly.

We also spent some time in the Riverhead forest out west - where we celebrated Luke's birthday at World Challenge Tag Paintball with some of his school friends.

Being Fortnite fans, these guys were super excited to be getting down to some real-life paintball combat in the forest out there.

"Don't look at the camera."

Grant joined the boys in the combat zone, while my mom, Geoff and I took ourselves off to Kumeu for a light lunch at Carriages Cafe and Wine Bar...

Combat gear?

Back in July Sarah and I bussed to the city to see an exhibition - read more about that in this post.

And there was more water polo...

... and some beach walks with Bailey - taking in the beauty of a winter's evening on the beach.

And then the last game of water polo for the holidays - I loved watching all of those water polo games. Read more about that international tournament in this post.

We also did a little road trip down to the snow - see those posts over here and here

And Grant and I had a fun night out in the city at a work function. He works with some awesome people and it's always lovely to get to see them and their partners, and catch up.

And this year continues with its injuries and hospital stays! This time Geoff had a bad fall while out on his daily walk. He fell 2.5 metres down a crevice in some rocks down on the beach, poor guy. 

Two police cars, two fire engines, two ambulances and some morphine later, they carried him off the beach on a stretcher and he spent the next couple of weeks in the hospital undergoing two operations and recovering. He's out of hospital now and taking it easy.

Despite moaning about winter, it is quite magical to wake up to this on some mornings:

I still try to take each of my kids out for lunch and some individual time together - and this month it was Jessica's turn. It's always great to have a real one-on-one catch-up to find out exactly what they're thinking and how they're feeling. 

And it's been great fun getting to watch Luke play rugby again (after his broken arm meant that he didn't play most of the last term). His team has been doing well and have placed third in their league.

I love how they all pose for photos on both sides of the field after every game - and thank the spectators. Such a great tradition.

And that covers all of our happenings (both little and big things) for July.

Can you believe it's already August??

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