This is what we did for Father's Day

Just when you thought Father's Day was a done deal for this year, some countries down in the southern hemisphere are like "wait a while, we haven't had our turn yet". 

And I'm not sure exactly why we celebrate Father's Day on a different day down here, but it's a thing. A bit like the UK celebrates Mothering Sunday at a different time to Mother's Day, I guess. Someone at the office where they come up with these celebratory days is trying to mess with us, I reckon. What is it with that nonsense anyway? That person has a lot to answer for. ;)

Anyway, we celebrated the fathers in our lives by going out for a very lovely brunch yesterday. And I love that we've got not only our family and extended family but my brother-in-law's family to celebrate these occasions with too. It makes it all the more festive.

Thank you to this awesome dad who means the world to all of his kids. They are so lucky to have a dad like you!

Sadly, Father's Day is not an especially happy occasion for everyone, though, and I was feeling rather heartsore for some special friends who didn't have a particularly happy day at all. My heart goes out to all of you. 

I was reminded just how precious the lives of our loved ones truly are and how important it is to enjoy all of these little moments when you can.

I hope you got to celebrate the special fathers in your lives and how they impact all of us. Did you do something special?

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