Our Trip to Rotorua 2018

While Grant's parents were visiting us back in October, we drove down to Rotorua for a few days on the lake - to show them a part of New Zealand they hadn't experienced before.
And we had a wonderful few days taking in many of the sights that Rotorua has to offer. 

Our first morning found us at the Government Gardens for a dip in the warm waters at the Blue Bath.

The gardens were particularly beautiful at the time because it was Spring and the flowers were putting on an incredible show. I couldn't get enough of all that colour and ended up taking hundreds of photos again. Spring, you're a beauty!

The Blue Bath building from out front:

I'm not particularly wild about sitting in these warm baths, but this was a fun morning of relaxation. And a pleasant respite from the rainy weather that we were experiencing while we were down there.

Sadly the Rotorua Museum is closed for structural renovations so we couldn't go inside, but I took a few photos from the outside - because that building is also so gorgeous. 

They don't have a date for the re-opening of that museum, unfortunately, but I really hope that it happens one day. I'd love to check out the inside of that place.

Since our last visit to Rotorua, they have opened an amazing eco-tourist destination called The Redwoods Treewalk - an elevated walk on suspension bridges in the Redwood Forest. They have erected these suspension bridges at heights of between 6 and 20 metres above the ground, affording the most amazing elevated views of the forest below and above. It's a great outing and so peaceful being out in that forest.

I loved it there. And these little snippets of information about nature were fascinating.

We stayed in a house we found on Airbnb that was located right on the lakefront. Such a beautiful view from the house, out over the garden and across the lake.

Luke's rowing bug has bitten so he took this kayak out on the lake a few times to practise his skills.

The view at sunset on one of the days we were there:

Rotorua also has another great place to check out beautiful views - and that is up at the Skyline. The Skyline is an adventure centre with gondolas that take you up to the top of the mountain where you get to take in these pretty views:

We had a lovely lunch at the restaurant up there that day, looking down at that lake. The kids also did a few luge rides - always a highlight of a trip to Rotorua.

On one of the afternoons the rain cleared and the wind dropped sufficiently to warrant getting the jetski out on the lake for a bit of a spin.

It all looked more idyllic than it ended up being, though. The water conditions might have been favourable, but the wind chill factor meant that those poor kids came back to shore looking like little ice blocks and frozen to the core. It took a little session in the spa pool to thaw them out!

And then we headed back the Redwood Forest Treewalk for a night session because we had enjoyed that place so much. And let me tell you, if you find yourself in Rotorua, do yourself a favour - go to the Redwood Treewalk and buy the tickets that get you into a day and night session. You'll want to do both.

The day walk lets you appreciate the heights and a clear view of all of the trees, and the night walk allows you to enjoy the excitement of walking those suspension bridges enveloped by darkness. The numerous lanterns are lit up alongside a laser show that makes the forest floor to look like it is covered with fireflies. It was so magical.

We also drove around the area, visiting the Blue and Green lakes. There is so much to do in this fascinating town, but unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to do it all. Got to leave something for next time, right?

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