Sarah Turned 18!

So it's official. We now have two young adults and only one teenager in our family. Totally crazy how quickly the years have flown by. Just the other day I was marvelling at the fact that we had three teenagers and now we've entered a completely new phase in our household.

We've got another voter. Another university student. Another kid who is spreading her wings and becoming more independent. To be honest, I'm feeling a little sad about it. Don't get me wrong, I love that these girls have grown up, matured and become mini-adults, but a part of me longs for the cute little kids they were. Luckily I've still got Luke at high school. 

I find myself watching other families with young children and can only just remember what that experience was like. Those were some fun times. And speaking of birthdays...

Sarah's birthday falls at a busy time of the year, but despite that, we try to make sure that she is celebrated and made to feel special despite all the Christmas decorations hanging around and the many end-of-year functions that compete for everyone's attention. Poor kid. I feel for her. Sometimes it all gets a bit much. Somebody played a Christmas song at her party and she came over to me with a sad look on her face. People who don't have birthdays at that time of the year don't understand the dilemma. #thestruggleisreal 

Anyway, this is the Sarah I know and love - the sweet girl who loves her dog madly. 

My mom baked a chocolate cake for Sarah's birthday - thanks, mom! We hadn't decorated it yet, or put the candles on it, but I didn't get a photo of that so this will have to do. That cake was DE-LICIOUS! I love this tradition that has developed over the years that we've lived here in New Zealand (my mom baking birthday cakes for our kids).

We took this photo just before Sarah's friends arrived to celebrate her 18th birthday. (Don't judge my cheesy grin - I included this photo because it was the best of the bunch. Sad. I need to work on my smiling, obvs. But whatever.)

Here are some of her cute friends who arrived early to help her celebrate:

And here is her second birthday cake!

18 reasons why I love this kid:

1. She is a wonderful daughter who always thinks of others. 

2. She is kind-hearted and tolerant.

3. She is empathetic and caring.

4. She loves her dog with a passion.

5. She is a great water polo player.

6. She is determined and follows through on all her endeavours.

7. She is focused and committed to achieving what she sets out to accomplish.

8. She worked so hard at school and attained a brilliant final report.

9. She is a no-drama type of kid who goes about her life in a calm way (most of the time).

10. She is super capable and applied for her position at a university with ease and confidence beyond her years.

11. She is loyal and has been friends with some of her mates for many years.

12. She is trustworthy and reliable. She always does what she says she's going to do, and you can count on her to be responsible.

13. She is super humble and does not seek out recognition and reward.

14. She is incredibly disciplined when it comes to her academics and sport.

15. She is a capable driver and her independence has been a huge help to me when it comes to getting to all of her sports training.

16. She never sees anything as too big a problem and manages to problem-solve with ease.

17. She is so good at doing make-up and has helped me out on a few occasions.

18. She has a smile that lights up a room.

Love you, Sarah!

Continue being the awesome woman that you are. xx

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