Our Christmas 2018

Okay, yes, I know it's just a little bit crazy (late) to be doing a Christmas post in February! But it turns out that setting aside time to write posts on both of my blogs is proving to be a little challenging at the moment. There just aren't enough hours in a day. But hey, I've decided not to let it stress me out and I'm cutting myself some slack!

So here I am, writing about our Christmas 2018 when Valentine's Day 2019 is just around the corner! Ugh.

Anyway, we had a wonderful family Christmas last year. I can't tell you enough how fantastic it was to have my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and niece with us on that special day. Christmas just feels extra Christmas-y when there are so many members of family around, doesn't it?

Placing the Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, while enjoying the twinkling lights inside and out, was a special Christmas moment for me. While part of me sadly missed leaving a plate of cookies and carrots for Father Christmas and his reindeer and getting Grant to set up the reindeer's snowy footprints - another part of me really enjoyed having older kids who sleep in just a little later on Christmas morning! We have to enjoy all the different phases of our family's journey through life, don't we? Every phase holds both good and bad times and that only makes life sweeter.


And after a magical Christmas Eve, Christmas morning was equally wonderful. We sat around opening presents, drinking coffee and eating a small breakfast (knowing we'd be doing lots more eating later in the day). It was a wonderfully mellow morning.

Then we started setting the tables and getting the lunch prepared. Sadly the weather wasn't playing along that morning, so we had to move a table in from outside, to accommodate more people indoors (we had been hoping to sit outside).

A little later my Mom, Geoff, Colleen, Sam and Evie arrived, along with a few friends of ours. We did a little Santa gift giving session which was a real laugh and I loved that part of the morning so much. Family traditions, gift-giving, dressing up just a little, delicious food permeating the air, festive mimosas, and happiness and laughter filling up our home. That magical feeling stayed with me for a long time. And I'm so grateful to have spent the day with so many people I absolutely adore.


Bailey was in her element too - she was getting so much attention that day (and holiday), sweet darling baby girl.

Two tired babies.

Lunch was a delicious affair, as usual. Everybody brought something scrumptious to add to the feast that day.

My Mom's roast potatoes were a firm favourite.

I'm not sure how other families manage to get perfect family photos with everyone smiling and looking at the camera. How do you guys do it? We take close to a hundred photos every time and there always seems to be somebody pulling a face or closing their eyes. Maybe practice makes perfect? If you have any good tips to help me out, please let me know. Hahaha!




We also had a few 'shows' put on by the kids - the teen boys did a slightly dubious comedy show, and then Moana did a choreographed dance.


And the rest of the day was pretty much spent eating and talking, in between games of pool and table tennis, and some swimming when the sun eventually came out. Other friends of ours popped in later and we continued eating and talking late that night.

What a day! I love that there were so many of our loved ones all together that day. I've stored up all of those precious feelings and moments in my heart and I draw on them on the days that I miss my sister and family in London desperately. I so wish that we lived closer together and got to make these kinds of memories more often.

Do you live close to all of your family or are you also scattered around the globe like us?

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