Out and About Around Auckland over the festive season

Having my sister and her family visiting us during December meant that we went on many outings, day trips and walks around Auckland during that time. (See the post about our trip to the Sculptureum here.)

We had booked a trip down to Rotorua for a few days, but sadly the weather did not play along so we decided to cancel it. New Zealand weather in December can be a bit touch and go, so we decided to stay up in Auckland as the Auckland weather had improved by then and the rain had moved down to Rotorua. 

On one of the days, we parked in the Long Bay Reserve and walked up the coast in the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve. 

It was so wonderful having our family with us after so long - it made me desperately wish that we lived closer together so that we could see each other all the time!

The views are spectacular in this reserve and the walk is not too difficult - thank goodness because it was super hot on the day we went.

And then on another day, we took the ferry across to Waiheke Island for lunch and a walk on Oneroa beach.

View from our restaurant in Waiheke Island

Grant had done a cycle on the island earlier that morning and met us at the restaurant for lunch.

Ferry to Waiheke

Ferry to Waiheke

Ferry to Waiheke

We also went out on our boat on one beautiful Summer's day. We cruised up the east coast bays and pulled into a bay for a swim.

Swimming in Auckland

Boating in Auckland

Boating in Auckland

I had my best sea swim that day.


Boating in Auckland

Boating in Auckland

We also went out for some delicious meals at restaurants around Auckland during this time. Lots of eating done during this holiday!

Sushi Restaurant, Tokyo Bay in Takapuna

And here we are at dinner in the city one night:

Sisters out at dinner in Auckland City

Dinner in Auckland city

Special mention must be made of the DELICIOUS dessert pizza that we devoured at Dr Rudi's in the city one night out. If you find yourself at Dr Rudi's Rooftop Brewing Co in Auckland - be sure to order one of these - you won't be sorry!

Dr Rudi's Dessert pizza

As much as it is fun to go away during the December holidays, we also love to stay home at this time of year. It's quieter around town which means there's lighter traffic, more parking and less mayhem. 

More December updates soon...

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