February 2019 Little Things

The weather continued to be lovely throughout February and we enjoyed a good few outings before it started to feel as if the holiday season was well and truly over.

At the beginning of February, my friend and I visited Sugar at Chelsea Bay Cafe, a bakery and eatery at the Chelsea Sugar Factory in Birkenhead. The views out across the city are amazing from there.

Chelsea Sugar, Auckland

We had a delicious breakfast that morning - and loved the whole vibe of that cute cafe.

Chelsea Sugar, Auckland

Chelsea Sugar, Auckland

Chelsea Sugar, Auckland

Grant and I went to a Lily Allen concert at Spark Arena at the beginning of February too. She's got some new music out with a few great new songs, some of which she played that night. We had a lovely time, so much so that I didn't take any photos. Can you believe it?

Then Luke had a stay in Boarding Weekend (everyone had to stay in and bond at the beginning of the year) so we didn't get to see him the weekend before Waitangi Day, but...

Then Waitangi Day rolled in and we had everyone here for a BBQ and pool day to enjoy the day off work and school! Public holidays FTW. 

Pool day

It was a beautiful day. One of those incredibly hot, blissful, perfect Summer's days.

Pool day

Pool day

Pool day  

(I've got to document this sublime weather because there's already a little nip in the air in the mornings and evenings now and I want to remember these Summer days.)

And I thought I'd include some photos of the sushi that Grant made for lunch on another weekend in February. So yummy.

Sushi making

Sushi making  Sushi making

That husband of mine makes delicious sushi and we inhaled those beauties in no time at all that day.

I love Summer so I'm adding this photo to remind me of those idyllic pool days.

Grant and I celebrated Valentine's Day with a romantic dinner out at our favourite local Italian restaurant.

We also put red paper hearts up on our wall again this year. (I can't seem to upload my photo - I'll try again later.) I love this little family tradition we have. I leave blank paper hearts out and everyone writes down something they love about another member of the family. Cute, right? It gets everyone thinking about their relationships and the good in everyone. I love it.

We also went to the Auckland Lantern Festival - read more about that in my post over HERE.

My sister popped in for a swim on another afternoon last month and I got this cute photo of my niece bobbing around in the water. She is such a little cutie.

And Jessica went to Sydney for a mini-break back in February too - she had a fantastic time with friends there. I loved all of the photos that she took while she was away. The weather was amazing so she managed to enjoy quite a few of the many Sydney beaches, lucky girl.


Also grabbed this photo of Sarah and her friends when they went to one of their farewell lunches/dinners before a couple of her friends left for Universities in other cities.

And then Sarah started University - read more about that HERE.

My niece also celebrated her birthday in February - with a Mermaid themed party, farm animals and pony rides. It was such a fun afternoon and that little birthday girl had such a wonderful time at her party!

Mermaid cake

Milo, the goat, was my favourite farm animal on the day. You can tell he is quite a character, can't you? But tbh, I actually think goats are equal parts awesome and scary. And while I was fascinated by his sweet craziness that day, I wouldn't trust this guy not to bite me, given half a chance. Just putting that out there. (Okay, I'm probably going on a bit too much about this goat now so I'm going to stop right here.)

Birthday Party Animals - Goat

The cute birthday girl:

Pony Ride

I also went for lunch and a walk in Orewa with a friend one day back in February. We chose another gorgeous day to take in some of Auckland's beauty. We're so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Orewa Beach

And that was our February. Over and out. xx

Sugar at Chelsea Bay Cafe
Chelsea Sugar Factory
100 Colonial Road
Ph: 09 481 0744
Email: chelseabay@nzsugar.co.nz


  1. So many fun things happened in February. Lovely photos!

    1. It was another busy month. :) And thank you. xx


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