Luke Turned Fifteen

Happy Birthday to this special guy who just turned 15. Um, how did my baby turn 15?!

I can hardly believe it. But there's no denying that he is growing up now. He's a bona fide teenager, one with strong ideas and opinions, and a deep voice. (And, however much he may be growing and changing, he'll always be my baby, this last born of mine.)

He decided not to have a party this year so we had a small family celebration at home to mark the occasion. A simple afternoon tea, with doughnuts.

Geoff was back from his boat trip to Tonga and it was good to have him here to celebrate Luke's birthday. (Sadly I didn't get any photos of my sister and her family on the day.)

Also, there was a tiramisu cake.

15 Reasons Why I Love This Teenager

1. He has such sparkly, mischievous eyes.

2. His infectious laugh lights up my world.

3. He keeps his room so tidy (most of the time). (Don't mock me, this is big!)

4. He has great resilience in the face of hardship.

5. He highly values fairness.

6. He has great plans and ideas and absolute determination to make them a reality.

7. This guy is incredibly capable in so many ways - and he is always willing to try new things.

8. He is so clever when it comes to all things computer-related. It blows my mind what he knows and has learnt over the years.

9. He can set up anything technical and works through anything he hasn't come across before. I love his can-do attitude.

10. He is loving and thoughtful, often asking the question "are you alright?" of his family and friends.

11. He is fun-loving.

12. He has amazing organisational skills.

13. He is a risk taker and a problem solver.

14. He has a big and kind heart.

15. And he has strong business and entrepreneurial skills.

Seriously, this kid is starting to really show his amazing strengths and refine his great passions - and I feel so extremely lucky to get to watch him grow and develop into a fine young man.

Happy 15th Birthday, Luke! We love you so much. 

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